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Here is some information about us and how we can help you with hemp.

Let us introduce you to hemp.

Still Eagle Planetary Persuasions began as a small alternative environmental storefront in the Kootenays of BC. That was 1990. Shortly thereafter, we became Western Canada's first hemp store, wholesaling some of the best hemp products we've found to stores across Canada. We are a useful one-stop hemp shop, as we carry everything from twine to food to rope to clothing to bags, body products, hats, socks, jewellery, rolling papers, posters books and information. Here is what we offer you:

Good prices.

We usually obtain distributor prices, and sell you hemp products at or near the real wholesale price. We order in larger quantities than most stores would, so we have lower shipping and customs brokerage rates. Our wholesale is part of our retail store in Nelson BC, which cuts our overhead. We try to keep the price of hemp down to a dull roar, as we appreciate affordable prices.

Less hassle, one-stop shopping

Through us, you can buy what you need from dozens of suppliers, with one phone call, one shipping bill, one payment. Your phone bills, shipping bills, and time spent on receiving, ordering, paying are all lower.


Even though we are one of Canada's largest hemp wholesalers we are also a store, so we understand what works and doesn't work from your perspective.


Many of our staff have plenty of experience with various hemp products and how they sell to different customer mixes. We'll discuss your needs to get a sense of where you're situated, who your customers are, and the direction you're aiming at. We'll help you build an order that makes sense for you.

Physical samples.

We offer more than just a pretty picture. We happily send you samples or a full order-on-spec for your initial perusal. This is often better than catalogues or pictures or web sites - sometimes feeling and touching what you're considering makes all the difference. You only pay return shipping for this great service.

For details about samples, minimum orders and pricing, you can read more here about How We Wholesale.

A reasonable return policy.

Sometimes it takes experimentation to figure out what moves and what doesn't. Our friendly return policy ensures stores aren't stuck with un-sellable merchandise. (Of course, common sense applies: items need to be in good condition, talk to us first, friendly restocking fee, etc.)

A track record

We have been selling alternative products for 22 years, and wholesaling hemp for 20. Check around, you'll find a reputation for honesty, quick service, quick correction of any errors (usually because service was a bit too quick), and paying our bills.


We've helped dozens of hemp stores with their initial and subsequent orders in the last half decade. Some of these have prospered, a few have failed, most have hung in there.

Give us a call

and let's see what we can do to promote hemp and the many products from this ancient wonder fibre.

Phone: 250 352-3844
Address: 476 Baker Street
Nelson BC V1L 4H8