Fair Trade
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The Fairies Pyjamas

The Fairies Pyjamas was a much-loved companion clothing line and neighbouring store to Still Eagle for many years.

When founder, designer, and owner Michelle has decided to close her Nelson retail store in 2014, we joined forces! You can now find the lovely, lighthearted flair of the Fairies Pyjamas next to the rest of your favourite fair trade and eco clothing lines -- and jewellery and accessories -- here at Still Eagle.

Why we're excited about the Fairies Pyjamas: fair trade, organic, and FUN!

The Fairies Pyjamas clothing is inspired by music festival culture, fairies, and fairness. The clothing is made at a fair trade factory in Kathmandu, where the staff are respectably paid for their extraordinary skills and work in a safe environment. Nearly all of the cotton used is organic, and some is dyed -- using low-impact dyes -- locally in Nepal where the clothes are created! The fantastic belts are made from "leftover" Indian water buffalo hide ends that are left over from larger productions.

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