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Our Conscious Suppliers

We choose to work with suppliers who produce great quality products in an environmentally sound way and who make sure that those who are making them are treated and paid fairly. We proudly support Canadian companies and are happy to supply a large and expanding selection of Canadian made goods. As it turns out, basically all of our suppliers also happen to be wonderful and thoughtful people who we really enjoy working with.

Want to become one of our suppliers? We are always looking for Canadian-made, fair trade and consciously manufactured products. Just send us a quick email with a catalogue and pricing and we'll talk. What does it take to be designated  Made In Canada? This is the dedication of a manufacturer (and the higher costs of producing in this country mean that it is truly dedication) to keep not only the design and company Canadian, but the manufacturing as well. Still Eagle is proud to support as many Made In Canada companies as we can.


About Re-Play

Re-Play recycled HDPE products are manufactured, assembled, packaged and tested in the USA! In fact, we are primarily a south-eastern USA operation – all the better for reducing our carbon footprint. We know, its pretty exciting, right? Re-Play is mainly on the east coast. Our molding plant is within 150 miles of our warehouse and our packaging is just 20 miles away. The total miles Re-Play travels from recycled material to finished product is 940 miles! Most conventional plastic goods made in China travel over 12,000 miles... that's a huge savings of over 11,000 miles. We're reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy!

RePlay's products are made from recycled HDPE, which is #2 plastic, and is BPA free, Phthalate Free, PVC free.According to the Healthy Child Healthy World website, if you are unsure about safely using plastic items, look for the recycling codes 2, 4 or 5. Recycling codes 1, 3, and 6 can leach lead, bisphenol A, phthalates, and other stuff under certain circumstances. Recycling code 7 is the Other category. Some of these plastics are safer choices, like bioplastics such as PLA, while others can leach chemicals, etc. Read your labels for more information and proper care. Like most plastics (and melamine), Re-Play is dishwasher safe and should not be used in the microwave.

Because it’s made from #2, HDPE plastic – basically that means Milk jugs! It is BPA free, Phthalate Free, PVC free choice. And its one of the easiest plastics to recycle, and it can be recycled again and again. So drink your milk, and toss that jug in the recycling bin.








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Nomads Hemp Wear

Fall 16 Nomads has arrived, but somewhat sideways and under sadder circumstances.

Trouble in paradise

For 10 years, we've been happily promoting the Nomads line in our store, on our website and to a handful of wholesale customers. It's been one of our more popular lines, but of late there's been trouble in paradise.

As the US dollar climbed over the last few years, Nomads announced they were taking over our wholesale customers.

About the same time they told us they "re-invented" themselves - from focusing on supplying for stores like ourselves to focusing on retail. And this year they suddenly decided to stop supplying our retail store.

Naturally we were surprised, saddened and shocked at these unilateral, ethically questionable and hurtful moves. For over a decade, we worked hard to promote this line and have become known as the place in Nelson to shop for Nomads. Against our wishes, we will in future be unable to give our customers some of what they have come to expect.

Limited Nomads

available now.....
This fall, many customers were unhappy to find no new Nomads at Still Eagle. This month, we lucked out - as a result of kindness and support from some of the retail stores we supplied in the past, we were able to put together a decent selection of the fall line.It's less than we usually order, so if you're a fan, you'll want to move quickly before it's gone.

The future? 
We have been trying to convince Nomads to change their decision, but with no success. So, sad but true, this may be the last season Still Eagle is able to carry a substantial Nomads selection.
Fortunately, we carry literally dozens of great, ecological, sustainable and fair trade alternatives. Nomads fans should consider Maha Devi, a smaller B.C. based supplier who also makes fun funky styles.


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Abaka Clothing

Abaka Clothing has become a solid favorite at Still Eagle. They are a Quebec-based eco-clothing company producing great basics at reasonable prices.

We love them because they stubbornly refuse to manufacture anywhere but in Canada, and they are working towards sourcing Canadian fabrics as well.

They have all the qualities in a supplier that we love: friendly to work with, deliver on time, quality goods, made with as little environmental impact as possible, and they produce clothing that looks great on all ages. Check out their men's styles!

Read our Spotlight on Abaka for more information about why we love this line.


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Arcadia Eco Wear

Produced by a Kootenay importer who strives to create fair trade clothing for men and women using traditional techniques and ecologically sustainable fibres and dyes. For the fall/winter season he supplies hemp and wool sweaters. For the spring/summer season it's organic cotton shirts, which are hand block printed with natural dyes.




The Hempest

Made In Canada
The couple that runs this local Kootenay company hand-make these incredible creams out of all natural ingredients. Using the natural healing power of hemp and pure, high-quality ingredients and essential oils, The Hempest's line of eco body products has a very loyal following. People with psoriasis or eczema swear by their Omega cream.

The oils in their products have many beneficial qualities and contain essential vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids which help to protect and replenish your skin. At least 50% of every oil blend that The Hempest uses is hemp seed oil, which they mix with other oils such as sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado, grapeseed, emu, jojoba, evening primrose – and sometimes shea or cocoa butter. These butters and oils have been used for centuries in Africa, Europe and Australia for skin protection, healing, and regeneration.

(*Products containing emu oil are not vegan, but the Aborigines of Australia have been using it for thousands of years for all kinds of skin disorders, and many studies back up their claim that is a wonder-oil.)


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Maha Devi

The flowing elemental designs of Maha Devi's eco clothing and yoga wear are inspired by nature, dance, acrobatics and faerie and goddess energy. This company originated in the Kootenays and uses a great variety of natural textiles such as bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and wool.

The Maha Devi line looks and feels great to wear and captures a natural, playful spirit that our customers have fallen in love with. We have carried this line in our retail store for several years and everybody goes crazy for it! The quality is great, the designs unique, and the printing makes the pieces one of a kind works of art.

Ethically Made in China:  Recently Maha Devi made the decision to move a large portion of their production to China. They wanted to continue to offer the best in sustainable fibres, but found that their costs to produce in Canada were making their clothing too expensive for the average consumer. Maha Devi was very discerning in their choice of factory, and can still assure that their clothes are "ethically" made with the highest environmental and equitable trade standards.


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Made In Canada
Movement Global is a very high-quality line of ethical clothing whose fabric, designs, and manufacturing are all done in Canada using a sumptuous bamboo/viscose-blend fabric.

Amrita Sondhi, the woman behind Movement Global, temporarily considered moving production to China at one point but decided that she wanted to stay local in order to create the most environmentally friendly product possible. To offset the increased Canadian production cost, Movement’s clothing is designed to be worn in as many different ways as possible.

The line is created to be modular, often reversible, and can easily be combined to create numerous looks with only a few items. Even the athletic-wear line is designed to be worn from the yoga class to an evening out.

This line makes it easy to follow the adage “buy less not more”! Read our Spotlight on Movement for more of the story.


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One of our golden oldies. Albert Lewis, the founder of Hempy’s, was one of the first people to produce hemp accessories like hats and wallets.

Hemp hats played a big role in Still Eagle's hemp revolution. When Still Eagle first started selling hemp-ware, California was really the only place you could get it. Thankfully that has changed, but at Still Eagle we still love to support the hemp pioneers who produce great quality goods.

Hempy's was founded in 1995 in order to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to pesticide-intensive cotton and non-renewable synthetic clothing and accessories. Hemp is an ideal choice. A strong, natural and renewable plant, Cannabis Sativa (hemp) is grown with fewer chemical inputs than cotton and, depending on the source country of the hemp, its often grown with no chemical inputs at all. The benefits are less water pollution, less air pollution and because of hemp's soil anchoring qualities, less soil erosion.

Hempy's is an American manufacturer that works primarily with small family owned sewing contractors in their local San Diego region.

Here's what the folks at Hempy's have to say:

"We believe hemp is a superior fiber when compared to cotton and synthetics. In addition to textile goods like our Hemp Beanies, Hemp Hats and Hemp Wallets, hemp can also be used to make many other eco-friendly products including paper, oil (see our Hemp Lip Balm & Soaps), and food (from hemp seed) that can be used as part of a healthy, earth conscious way of living.

As a family of surfers, hikers and nature lovers, we experience first-hand the negative impacts of water and air pollution, soil erosion and other ecologically damaging effects of our economy. Our American-made hemp and recycled products, in a small but important way, help to minimize the destruction of the natural environment we treasure. " - Albert Lewis


















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This company used to be known as Hemp Town, a great Vancouver company who did a lot for moving the hemp fashion industry away from shapeless clothing into wearable classics.

They were the first company in Canada to produce basics at decent prices. Unfortunately, they recently abandoned their great original line to go into producing synthetic hemp fabric. Fortunately for us (and you) we bought up their 2010 clothing line at a great price, and get to pass those savings on to you. Our favorite classic hemp clothing line at a great price! 

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Made In Canada
Efforts has been producing hemp clothing for 15 years at affordable prices. Thirty percent of their clothing is manufactured in Canada.

Their button-up hemp men’s shirt is “the best selling men’s shirt ever!” according to Jen, who should know -- she's been sourcing our products for years!

Efforts has expanded into bamboo and they're now making the transition to using only organic cotton in their blends. Great basic styles at fantastic prices.


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Kama Soaps

Made In Canada
Jen and her mom found these Saltspring Island-made soaps while shopping in Victoria. According to them, “These are the best soaps in the whole world!”

Kama Soaps also makes fantastic natural mineral soaks for relaxing and rejuvenating baths. Both their soaps and their mineral soaks come in the most amazing scents.

We at Still Eagle like them for the usual reasons: they are produced by a small local company, using environmental products that are good for the planet, and they are manufactured in a sustainable way.

In twenty years we haven’t found a better soap or soak!


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Merry Hempsters

An American company that uses organic Canadian hempseed oil as a base for all of their high quality body products.

The Merry Hempsters have a wide range of lip balms and salves that have been consistent sellers for a number of years.

“I first met this guy over the phone,” says Nick, “I like him, 'cause even though he has had his share of border hold-ups for manufacturing with hemp, he just keeps plugging away.”

We like those eco-hemp warriors, and this hemp lip-balm is a fave.


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Goodbyn Plastic Meal Containers

Goodbyn strives to make a difference in how people think about preparing food on-the-go — for themselves, for those they care about, and for the planet.

Our mission is purposeful
Love where your lunch takes you.
Design and manufacture products that make healthy eating on-the-go as easy as possible. 

Love Mother Nature.
Design and manufacture products that will never end up as landfill. 100% recyclability. 

Love your zero-waste, magic lunch™. 
Design and manufacture products that eliminate the need for one-time-use packaging. 

Love your lunchbox.
Design and manufacture products that inspire an emotional connection between consumer and product. 

Goodbyn containers come in 5 sizes, the 5 colours are green, blue, red, purple and pink


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Maggie's Organics Socks and Tights

Maggie's Organics / Clean Clothes has taken on the mission of producing and providing comfortable, durable, affordable and beautiful articles of organic apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain and enhance the resources they come from.

Maggie's makes high quality socks and tights for men and women -- including a 99% organic cotton crew sock, organic baby socks, and organic wool socks for hiking and living!



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Made In Canada
Simply the best socks ever. This company loves their mohair goats!

Mohair goats are an incredible renewable resource: they feed on land that many other animals find unfit for grazing, they produce a fantastic wearable product that is warm and cozy even when wet, and not as itchy as wool, and they're just so darn cute. Thermohair socks are a favorite in the Kootenays where we tromp around in the winter, and need to stay warm under wet and dry conditions alike. Thermohair socks are like a spa for your feet. The baby socks stretch, and can be worn for many years. 


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Sativa Bags

We've been selling hemp clothing and accessories for over 20 years. So when we say that we've found the absolute best hemp bags, we mean it!

Sativa Bags are the bags we were looking for all along. They are incredibly well designed, functional, and stylish --- and many bags are designed to be worn in multiple ways. Their hemp-and-organic-cotton blend puts them in the front ranks of eco-apparel, and means the bags last forever.

We've also been very impressed by Sativa Bags' green business practices. Their products are produced in China, but their production facilities have been fully vetted by WWF and Amnesty International, and they ship by sea instead of air! 


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Onyx Containers makes some of the neatest "green products" of them all -- high-quality stainless steel food storage containers and kitchen ware!

Food storage is increasingly becoming an issue, especially for parents of small children. As more studies come out highlighting the dangers of keeping food in plastic, many of us have looked for sustainable (and non-leaching) alternatives. Glass is great, but let's face it, it breaks.

High-grade stainless steel is the best answer, and Onyx produces a fantastic product that's durable, sanitary, non-leaching, dishwasher safe, and truly will last a lifetime -- and they're reasonably priced. Yes, they're made in Korea, but until Canada makes a product this great at a comparable price, we will happily support these fantastic BPA-free containers.


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Rabbit and Empee

Rabbit and Empee are a super sweet couple that we met several years ago while they were on the festival circuit. They were making funky practical fair-trade clothing in Bali; they knew their manufacturers and were using predominantly family-run businesses employing many people who needed work and could work at home.

However, back then their styles were made out of conventional cotton. We told them that we would support them in the future if only they would use eco fabrics.

Well, these two had no idea about the horrors of conventional cotton and once they discovered the truth they were determined to use only organics in the future. Rabbit and Empee found that Bali doesn’t grow organic cotton, but after some hard traveling they finally discovered a reliable source of good quality organic cotton. Since then, that is all they have used. They are now promoting organic cotton to other manufacturers in Bali, and have even tested natural dyes on some of their pieces in the past and are hoping to find a feasible way to make that a regular part of future collections.

For more about why we love this line, check out our Spotlight on Rabbit and Empee!

Rabbit and Empee

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Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe's clothing is made in the United States from organically grown cotton and bamboo. Known as one of the "pioneers of stylish organic clothing", Blue Canoe still produces tons of gorgeous sustainable styles.

Both their fabrics and their garments are union made.

Their bras and women's underwear are particularly popular, and their styles fit larger women exceptionally well.


Rabbit and Empee

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Gramicci makes fabulous active wear and classic everyday styles. The ones we've chosen are all made from pesticide- and herbicide-free hemp and certified organic cotton.

Many of these styles are made from Gramicci's innovative "Natural Performance Technology" fabric, which is a special blend of their natural and organic fibres designed to absorb more moisture than conventional cotton and synthetics, dry faster, regulate body temperature, and reduce or eliminate odour at the same time!

Gramicci's clothing is manufactured in China and is fair trade certified. Gramicci also goes out of their way to promote and support humanitarian and environmental organizations -- often those that are too small to be noticed by the mainstream, which means that they benefit more from the boost.



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I/O Merino

I/O Merino is a high-quality line of natural merino wool clothing made for both remote wilderness and urban "extremes" and everything in between.

Merino wool is the particularly fine, dense wool that comes from merino sheep. I/O Merino and Michell Wool, the company that provides I/O wool, are fifth-generation family businesses that own the entire wool production process -- "From Sheep to Shelf".

Merino is known for its great looks, warmth and amazing functionality. You can read more about the magic of merino wool on our Alternative Fibres page.

We also love I/O for their green business practices: all the solid "waste" from the wool production process is either sold as lanolin, or composted and turned into a soil conditioner for agriculture. In the last ten years, I/O and Michell Wool have also reduced the water used in wool processing by 40%, and reduced the energy used to heat that water by 50%.

It's also known for its high price. Not our merino, though.

We were lucky enough to scorethe last of the I/O Merino available in Canada and we got it at a great price. We're happy to share those savings with our customers -- which is why you'll see that all of the I/O styles on our website are on sale! There's a permanent 20% discount on all our I/O. 

I/O Merino

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Indigenous Designs

Indigenous Designs creates some of the finest, most luxurious clothing that we've ever laid eyes or hands on. Their styles are incredibly classy, incredibly ethical, and they look and feel great on a range of body types.

Indigenous garments are made from high-quality organic, natural, eco-friendly fibres and dyes -- primarily free range Peruvian alpaca and 100% organic cotton.

They are also fair trade, made by fairly paid artisans who are keeping their cultures and "indigenous" artistic traditions alive. Many items are hand-loomed or even hand-stitched.


Indigenous Designs

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Alchemy Fashion

Alchemy Fashions, founded and run by  Trisha Hinders, is one of our longest-standing and best loved suppliers. We've sold the line she made from fair trade recycled saris in our retail store for many years. 

Why we love Alchemy: 

Alchemy is a grassroots, sweatshop-free company and their clothing is truly “ethically made”: they put planet and people first rather than being purely profit-driven. Canadian designer, Trisha Hinders, works closely with her master cutters and tailors in India to produce this collection. She has worked with the same family-run businesses for over 10 years!

Alchemy pays a fair living wage to their tailors, that respects their hard work and skills. The wages Alchemy pays are three times the wages that other similar companies pay, and the manufacturing team works in safe, healthy and inspiring work conditions. This is all reflected in the beautiful quality and good energy of their pieces. 

Alchemy also gives back to the communities where they work and live: in India they contribute to the Fior Di Loto Foundation, which is currently building a new school for underprivileged girls in India. In BC, they give generously to the Wilderness Committee and the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, as well as donating clothes to various women’s shelters across the province. 

About the clothing:  

Trish loves creating with India’s exquisite fabrics, and connecting with the people and spiritual traditions of India. All styles fit true to size, and are proudly made of sustainable fabrics: ultra-soft, comfortable Bamboo and Organic Cotton, and stunning  Recycled Indian Saris. 


Indigenous Designs




Coyuchi's fabulous bedding products and linens (towels, throws, sheets, pillow cases, and more) are made from the highest quality 100% organic cotton.

We love them for the quality and eco-friendliness of their products, and for the fact that they openly disclose their sources and certifiers: Coyuchi is certified by the independent bodies Ecocert and Control Union Certifiers, and they have won awards for their consistent work in sustainable fashion. 

Coyuchi sources their cotton exclusively from the Chetna Project in India, which is one of the largest organic and fair trade cotton projects in the world.

Members of the project are family farm cooperatives, whose (adult age) workers are paid fair wages and who receive fair prices for their product -- approximately 50% more than the prices paid for conventional cotton. An additional 15% premium goes directly towards further development in the farmer's community, such as creating facilities to house cows to create fertilizer for the cotton crops. 






Introducing 'Imatma', Himalayan Shawls

These stunning shawls can be used as scarves, shawls or small blankets. Made by exiled Tibetan monks in the Himalayan region of Northern India, these shawls double as meditation blankets. 

Made from 80% Himalayan sheep wool, these are perfect for your Yoga practice, your couch, or for cold Kootenay nights.


Flying Heart


Alchmy owner Trish's new line is fair trade, 100% organic cotton. Flying Heart clothing is GOTS certified organic, pre-shrunk and machine washable, and made with low impact, water based dyes! Trish personally ensures that her clothes are made following fair labour practices, so that no one has to lose for you to enjoy her bright, super comfortable, breathable organic clothing.

 Why did we choose this line? The price point is great on these clothes. For the quality of fabric, and the dedication to sustainability you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal. Whether running off to yoga, heading to the slopes, or to work Flying Heart has something for you.


Flying Heart Clothing




OOM has become a fast-favorite at Still Eagle. With their classic, fun, and flexible designs, the OOM collection offers the opportunity to wear your conscience and express your values fashionably!

OOM has been producing environmentally ethical clothing since 2005 and have ensured that their production is done by socially engaged organizations in Québec since day one.

While their flattering designs might draw you in, what you'll really love are the fabrics. The OOM collection features a luxurious, 100% organic cotton and other eco-responsible fabrics including 70% recycled cotton, tencel and hemp.

To top it off, OOM donates 1% of sales to organizations that contribute to the betterment of the environment and society.

More OOM is arriving in the next weeks.



OOM Ethikwear



Message Factory

Message Factory is a recent addition to Still Eagle and ECHO and has been flying off the shelves. We love them because they are designed and manufactured in Quebec and are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Customers keep coming back for the message they deliver through their joyful and comfortable collections.

When you buy a piece from the Message Factory collection, you can be sure that their fabrics are always ethical, organic and recycled. They are committed to using the highest-in-quality fabrics including 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and tencel.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming Fall '17 collection that features some great staples for the colder months ahead and some fun new prints. They're being uploaded, hopefully for Thanksgiving weekend.



Message Factory Clothing



The Real Deal

How many ways can a company be cool? The Real Deal pretty much nails them all. Here is a company that made its name being discovered by Woody Harrelson, who loved their hats so much he made Zombieland producers run out and buy a bunch for the movie (in which he is pretty much wearing one in every scene). Suddenly these hats went from being backroom eco chic, to main screen stars.

 And the product? This company makes pretty much the coolest hats, bags, and wallets ever - out of recycled tarps that would otherwise be thrown away by Brazilian trucking companies.

These tarps are frayed, have worn edges, usually have numerous patches, and have faded bits of Portuguese written on them, but are still made of incredibly durable canvas with many years left in it. All these “imperfections” which would normally curse the tarps to an afterlife in a landfill, are exactly what make these funky wild-west-meets-aussie-outback-at-the-revolution sun hats, adventure back packs, messenger bags, and sturdy wallets so unique. A true recycling happy ending. 


Real Deal