Fair Trade
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Rabbit and Empee

Rabbit and Empee are a super sweet couple that we met several years ago while they were on the festival circuit. They were making funky practical fair-trade clothing in Bali; they knew their manufacturers and were using predominantly family-run businesses employing many people who needed work and could work at home. 

However, back then their styles were made out of conventional cotton. We told them that we would support them in the future if only they would use eco fabrics.

Well, these two had no idea about the horrors of conventional cotton and once they discovered the truth they were determined to use only organics in the future. Rabbit and Empee found that Bali doesn’t grow organic cotton, but after some hard traveling they finally discovered a reliable source of good quality organic cotton. Since then, that is all they have used. They are now promoting organic cotton to other manufacturers in Bali, and have even tested natural dyes on some of their pieces in the past and are hoping to find a feasible way to make that a regular part of future collections.

For more about why we love this line, check out our Spotlight on Rabbit and Empee!

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