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Maha 2017

Here are Maha Devi Spring 2017 styles.

Fall 2017 is currently in our Pre-Order category; Fall styles are arriving during September.

Maha Devi Design

The flowing elemental designs of Maha Devi's eco clothing and yoga wear are inspired by nature, dance, acrobatics and faerie and goddess energy. This company originated in the Kootenays and uses a great variety of natural textiles such as bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and wool.

We have carried this line in our retail store for many years. The Maha Devi line looks and feels great to wear and captures a natural, playful spirit that our customers have fallen in love with.  The quality is great, the designs unique, and the printing makes the pieces one of a kind works of art.

Ethically Made in China:  Recently Maha Devi made the decision to move a large portion of their production to China. They wanted to continue to offer the best in sustainable fibres, but found that their costs to produce in Canada were making their clothing too expensive for the average consumer. Maha Devi was very discerning in their choice of factory, and can still assure that their clothes are "ethically" made with the highest environmental and equitable trade standards.

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