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I/O Merino

I/O Merino is a high-quality line of natural merino wool clothing made for both remote wilderness and urban "extremes" and everything in between.

Merino wool is the particularly fine, dense wool that comes from merino sheep. I/O Merino and Michell Wool, the company that provides I/O wool, are fifth-generation family businesses that own the entire wool production process -- "From Sheep to Shelf". 

Merino is known for its great looks, warmth and amazing functionality. You can read more about the magic of merino wool on our Alternative Fibres page.

We also love I/O for their green business practices: all the solid "waste" from the wool production process is either sold as lanolin, or composted and turned into a soil conditioner for agriculture. In the last ten years, I/O and Michell Wool have also reduced the water used in wool processing by 40%, and reduced the energy used to heat that water by 50%.

It's also known for its high price. Not our merino, though.

We were lucky enough to score the last of the I/O Merino available in Canada and we got it at a great price. We're happy to share those savings with our customers -- which is why you'll see that all of the styles below are on sale! There's a permanent 20% discount on all our I/O. 

See the bottom of this page for the I/O Merino size chart.

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