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One of our golden oldies. Albert Lewis, the founder of Hempy’s, was one of the first people to produce hemp accessories like hats and wallets.

Hemp hats played a big role in Still Eagle's hemp revolution. When Still Eagle first started selling hemp-ware, California was really the only place you could get it. Thankfully that has changed, but at Still Eagle we still love to support the hemp pioneers who produce great quality goods.

Hempy's was founded in 1995 in order to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to pesticide-intensive cotton and non-renewable synthetic clothing and accessories. Hemp is an ideal choice.
A strong, natural and renewable plant, Cannabis Sativa (hemp) is grown with fewer chemical inputs than cotton and, depending on the source country of the hemp, its often grown with no chemical inputs at all. The benefits are less water pollution, less air pollution and because of hemp's soil anchoring qualities, less soil erosion.

Hempy's is an American manufacturer that works primarily with small family owned sewing contractors in their local San Diego region.

Here's what the folks at Hempy's have to say:

"We believe hemp is a superior fiber when compared to cotton and synthetics. In addition to textile goods like our Hemp Beanies, Hemp Hats and Hemp Wallets, hemp can also be used to make many other eco-friendly products including paper, oil (see our Hemp Lip Balm & Soaps), and food (from hemp seed) that can be used as part of a healthy, earth conscious way of living. 

As a family of surfers, hikers and nature lovers, we experience first-hand the negative impacts of water and air pollution, soil erosion and other ecologically damaging effects of our economy. Our American-made hemp and recycled products, in a small but important way, help to minimize the destruction of the natural environment we treasure. " - Albert Lewis

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