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Fans and filters

Fans and Filter


We have 2 sizes with different air flow
capacity (cfm – cubic feet per minute)

4 inch system – for a room/apartment - 170 cfm

  • Switch                             $40
  • 4” fan                            $110        
  • 4” filter                          $ 85
  • Total                             $195
  • Total W/ switch         $ 235

6 inch system – for a house or shop - 435 cfm

  • 6”fan                             $120
  • 6” filter                         $180
  • Total                              $300
  • Total W/ switch          $340

These prices are below normal published prices.

Thanks to Pacific Northwest Garden Supply
for making these available to us and our customers.

Choosing 4” or 6”

While the 4-inch system (for a large room) saves you $100; this may be false economy. The 6-inch system (for a house), has been outselling the 4” because it offers much more flexibility and results:

  • The air flow rate is 435 cfm compared to 170 cfm.
  • The sheer quantity of filtering carbon is approx 5 times as much. (size of filter is 24” high vs 24” high)
  • Should your needs ever involve a larger house (eg moving or staying in a larger house with friends) the 6” would be able to handle it.
  • The variable switch allows you to have as low and quiet a setting as you choose in a small space even with the 6system.
  • Construction, quality and build seem to be identical

Some numbers to help think about volume

  • A 450 sq foot room/apartment x 8 feet high has 3400 cubic feet (cf).
  • A 170 cfm, the entire air would theoretically be filtered every 20 minutes.
  • At 435 cfm, it would be every 8 minutes.

The tightness of your house, and the resultiong amount of air coming in would determine whether a faster turnaround is useful or essential or not.


  • Power consumption minimal: 85 watts.
  • Run your filter outside the first time for a minute - this blows out minor charcoal bits accumulated during shipping.
  • Don’t install the fan upside down – it needs to blow upwards (see photos)
    this also protects your fingers!


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