Fair Trade
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Introducing our new eco boutique across the street 

 Our new location is just a few steps down the street - 421 Baker and is one of Nelson's most beautiful buildings, including bay windows! How fitting for Echo where we feature our most beautiful lines.. The new space is bigger and brighter and will give us lots of room to showcase all the ECHO fine fashions.


At the beginning of April 2015, we opened our second "shop with a conscience" across the street from our gorgeous Baker Street location. If you’re too far away to visit, here’s what ECHO is all about! 

ECHO is home to our finest and most sophisticated lines. From made-in-Canada timeless cuts to fair trade organic alpaca hand-knits, to organic colour-grown cotton, to clothing made in an Eastern Canada eco-village, the styles you'll find here are at the highest level of style, quality, and social and eco-responsibility. Enjoy!

Indigenous Designs and Movement Global are both featured at Eco and are also available online.

Our finest fair trade fashions


       INDIGENOUS DESIGNS                                         ALCHEMY FASHIONS

Indigenous Designs creates some of the finest, most luxurious clothing that we've ever laid eyes or hands on. Made from high-quality organic cotton and free range Peruvian alpaca, and eco-friendly dyes – these garments are also fair trade, made by fairly paid artisans who are keeping their cultures and "indigenous" artistic traditions alive. Many items have hand-loomed or even hand-stitched accents.

Alchemy Fashions is a grassroots, sweatshop-free company that makes stylish basics that are great for all ages and body types. Their organic-cotton/bamboo styles are designed in Canada and manufactured in India by fairly-paid family businesses, that Alchemy's owner – who hails from here in Nelson, BC – has worked with personally for many years.


LEAVES ECO TRENDS                                                      BAHO NEZA JEWELLERY                          

Leaves Cotton styles are DYE FREE! They are made from organic, colour-grown cotton produced on small farms in Brazil. Colour-grown cotton is a traditional, low-impact strain of cotton that requires little or no pesticides and no dye. Sewing and embroidering is also done in Brazil, and supports skills development and training in the disadvantaged northeastern area of Brazil. 

Baho Neza is a line of jewellery made in a cooperative in Rwanda that supports women who have been impacted by the genocide and helps them and others get away from the sex trade. The pieces use handmade paper beads, and some are made from beans. This is their only source of income and they are paid a fair wage. Because our manager has a personal friend connected to the co-op, we are the only store in Canada to support this tiny co-op. What is little to us is big for them.


MOVEMENT GLOBAL                                                 RESPECTERRE

Movement Global is a very high-quality line of "slow fashion" clothing. These sumptuous bamboo/viscose styles are modular, often reversible, and can easily be combined to create numerous looks with only a few items -- even the yoga wear can be worn out or to the office. All pieces are consciously designed to fit with previous seasons' colours and styles, and the fabric, designs, and manufacturing are all made in Canada.

Respecterre clothing is made in an eco-village in southern Quebec. Not only is this line ethically made by fairly paid workers, from sustainable fibres like hemp, bamboo, soy, and organic cotton, but everyone involved in Respecterre works together to make their day-to-day lives as sustainable as possible. Canadian clothing for a great cause.


To see more, visit us in person at 471 Baker Street in Nelson, BC