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Nomads - 30% off

Our previous seasons clearance has begun. Shop them here:

 ....and below are the Nomads styles at 30% off:

Nomads Hemp Wear


Fall 16 Nomads has arrived, but somewhat sideways and under sadder circumstances.

Trouble in paradise

For 10 years, we've been happily promoting the Nomads line in our store, on our website and to a handful of wholesale customers. It's been one of our more popular lines, but of late there's been trouble in paradise.

As the US dollar climbed over the last few years, Nomads announced they were taking over our wholesale customers.

About the same time they told us they "re-invented" themselves - from focusing on supplying for stores like ourselves to focusing on retail. And this year they suddenly decided to stop supplying our retail store.

Naturally we were surprised, saddened and shocked at these unilateral, ethically questionable and hurtful moves. For over a decade, we worked hard to promote this line and have become known as the place in Nelson to shop for Nomads. Against our wishes, we will in future be unable to give our customers some of what they have come to expect.

Limited Nomads
available now.....

This fall, many customers were unhappy to find no new Nomads at Still Eagle. This month, we lucked out - as a result of kindness and support from some of the retail stores we supplied in the past, we were able to put together a decent selection of the fall line.It's less than we usually order, so if you're a fan, you'll want to move quickly before it's gone.

The future?
We have been trying to convince Nomads to change their decision, but with no success. So, sad but true, this may be the last season Still Eagle is able to carry a substantial Nomads selection.
Fortunately, we carry literally dozens of great, ecological, sustainable and fair trade alternatives. Nomads fans should consider Maha Devi, a smaller B.C. based supplier who also makes fun funky styles.
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